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Thoughts On Shameless: Cascading Failures

I can’t even form a proper opinion because my heart still aches over the Mickey, Ian, and Terry scene. That was just plain terrible, but it did honestly surprised me. I was expecting to see Terry trying to straight up murder Ian, so I was thrown when he went down the ‘have a hooker rape my son until he turns straight’ path. I wouldn’t have thought that was his style, then again we haven’t seen much of his character so what do I know. And a much as I would like to see him get horrifically killed off in the next episode maybe the show needs him to remind us that while frank is pretty much asshole of the year he could still be so much worse.

I’m not going to say I only watch the show for Ian/Mickey (they are a huge part of why I fell in love with Shameless) but I will be majorly peeved if they’re not endgame.

The Kevin/Veronica/carol scenes in this episode gave me the wellies, and a strong desire for a shower.

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